It’s All In The Face

Beauty is more than a pretty face full of makeup, Beauty begins with being happy in your own skin, which only means a happier you. We believe you deserve beautiful skin everyday which is why we are sharing the biggest skin treatment post with you beautiful dolls.

BlogThe latest craze and skin treatment which has taken the world by storm is Skin Needling aka the vampire facial aka Dermapen facial . Now unlike other facials and treatments this treatment has had 99.9% guaranteed results which has left clients nothing but happy.

So what is skin needling and why is it so effect, Well here’s the facts and you can make your own mind up.

We take the Skin Needling device which inserts 9mm cannula needle through a derma pen into the skin which we then use to genitally abrase the skin, which causes reddening of the skin (erythema)

blogNow because erythema is taking place this helps the skin to heal

any areas which are broken or textured or uneven, because we using the body’s natural function which helps fights the effect of clarify and texture of skin. Once this process is done we then apply a collagen-infused mask which the helps reintroduce collagen back into the skin which helps to then improve the skin’s surface of loss of elasticity and signs of wrinkles.

So your left with fresh lifted new skin which is as soft as a baby’s bottom, so next time you see that special offer come up grab it with both hands and we are sure to advise you won’t be disappointed.

Always feel free to contact our Senior therapist for more information

Loads of Love My Beauties


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