Beauty Trends on Fleek

Beauty Trends on Fleek

The biggest trend in the beauty world we have seen take the industry by storm is Semi-permanent makeup or Microblading. Most women today want to wake up and not having to worry about the rigmarole of having spend hours on applying makeup. This simple procedure now allows you to enhance your natural features which means you do not have to spend time apply on brows, blush, liner or lipstick.

I for one find it hard juggling endless hours trying to be on time, eat well, sleep well, drink enough water and make sure I full beat face – so having 1 less thing to do would be the best thing in the world to me – this is how much difference it really makes.

Before                          After







So we are here to answer your questions, to offer you the facts behind this beauty treatment which is taking the beauty industry by storm.

What is semi permanent makeup  

Semi-permanent or microblading is a procedure where we use a needle to make small incision into the skin applying pigmentation to the skin enhancing the area (lips, blush,liner) or small strokes to mimic hair growth(microblading eyebrows) enhancing the area the same way in which makeup would allow you to do so. It is a form of tattooing.

Is it really makeup?

No – The term ‘makeup’ only used as we are mimicking the same way in which makeup would enhance the desired area, however we do only use naturally sourced pigments. 

How long does it last for?

Semi permanent procedure can last upto 1-2 years as long as you have your 6 week maintenance and if taken care of in the correct ways, we advise to use plenty of vaseline

Does it hurt?

Yes – however we use a product which numbs the area for at least ½ hour to 1 hour before the procedure to help reduce the pain, which helps most of our clients and makes the procedure more comfortable for them.

Can anyone have this procedure?

No – we dont not recommend this for everyone, those of you who are pregnant, diabetic, back problems or have blood pressure issues along with those of you who take strong medication, we do not recommend this procedure, as we take needles deep into the skin causing bleeding and scabbing it can cause problems. But those of you who would like Microblading we do offer henna or brow tinting which lasts a few months if taken care of correctly.

Now you know most of everything you need to know – if you have any questions your always welcome to call our senior therapists for more information. Always make sure your 10000000% happy before having this procedure as it will be with you for a few years

We hope you enjoyed this read

With Love Always

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