Grease Today Gone Tomorrow

Grease Today Gone Tomorrow

Everyone loves haveing a lush full head of locks and having hair prone to grease can be a lot of hard work if not managed correctly, not sure how to deal with greasy hair, dont worry we got the best tips and tricks to deal with all the hair.

People with Normal/Dry hair can get away with not washing there hair as frequently, whereas most people with greasy hair deal with grease by washing almost on a daily basis, however this could actually be making the problem worse as well as other factors making it look more shiny at the roots then it should be especially if you have finer hair where it can be more easily noticed, something we have noticed whilst creating our hair artistry London.

We swear by using Beauty Works & The Ouai products at our VTCT Centre London as they have had amazing results on both on ourseleves and clients. We love the the selection which they have availble especially the Vitamin A & E range which works wonders with hair and use frequently use at our Beauty Academy in London & Dubai.


Here our 5 tips & products to help deal with greasy hair 

Just a little touch

Did you know touching your hair can cause your hair to become more greasy! Yes thats right, just that little touch or having your partner touch your hair will make it greasier. Thats because the excess dirt and oils on our fingers are transfered onto the hair which then the hair reacts by causing excess oil.

As nice as it may feel in the long run your doing your hair a big favour by saying C’nt touch this! you may also want to protect and replinsh the hair with Vitamin E, an essentail vitmain which is required to keep hair strong and healthy. We love using the Beauty Works Vitamin E Mousse hair mask as this has a deep and protective leave-in formulation with provitamin B-5, milk protein and vitamin E, that conditions and restructures hair, whilst giving softness and manageability without weighing the hair down





Washing your hair to often 

Whilst you may believe it or not, washing your hair too often can be actually be the cause of greasiness.

This is because washing and shampooing your hair you are actually stripping the hair of all its natural oils which your hair then thinks it has to producemore to replenish producing more than it needs to. Cutting down to washing two to three times a week, your hair will acclimatise to not being washed regularly and the grease should come into control.

This at first it may not feel or look great, however in the long run your hair will thank you later..

If you feel the need to freshen up or clean your hair without washing, try using dry shampoo and combing through with a large paddel brush, we love using The Ouai Dry Foam Shampoo. Unlike other dry shampoos this doesnt leave a dry powder finish or white marks and leaves the hair feeling super soft

Or you can easily conceal greasy hair by tying it up into a sleek pony or messy bun.

Brushing Excessively 

Whilst this may seem ridiculous as it sounds this is actually true, over brushing your hair causes excess oil to be produced. When you brush you hair this stimulates the hairs roots which then stimulates the oil production causing excess oil to be produced.

Try brushing your hair from the nape of the neck downwards avoiding the roots using a large tooth comb brush, along with making sure your brush is clean from dirt to stop this being transfered to your hair.

Beauty Works have also realsed an amzing brush this summer which is suer cute, there Irisdecent Shell Hair brush, helps keeping hair detangled, easy to hold and small enough to carry in your handbag.



Not using the correct products

With greasy hair you need to ensure you are NOT using products contains extra oil content, Stay well clear of products which are labelled serum, shine or moisture. This will just add more oil to your hair which you really do not want whilst it may look super lush at first but in the long run it will just make your hair look even more greasy through out the day.

With greasy hair using products infused with clay helps immensely as they natural clay help dry out the hairs natural oils and help stop the over production of excess oils. We highly recommend the amaing range at Unite Hair wether you are looking for Volume or lazer stright hair they have comething for you.

Less is more 

When conditioner is involved less is most definitely more! Ensure you are using a conditioner for your hair type, nothing which has the words shine or moisture (remember this from before)

Apply the conditioner from mid hair down to the tips, stay way clear of the roots and ensure all conditioner is washed throughly away. It also helps using shampoos and condtioners which are sulphate free. Sulphates damage the Alpha kertain state of your natural hair, again using the amazing range avaible at Unite hair help maintin those lushious locks.

We hope our little tips help, what are your hair care tips, remember to comment and we will be happy to answer. 

Love Always




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