Passion For Fashion

Passion For Fashion

So as much as I love all things makeup, hair, & beauty, or running our VTCT centre London, I also have a deep and often camouflaged relationship with fashion. From a young age I have always had a passion to style and dress others, I always think of it as a form of fine art and self expression, some choose their natural beauty, whilst others  seek to use the face and body as a canvas to explore their personal artistic muse which is why I love running our Makeup beauty School London which give people the opportunity to do this.

I love everything about the fashion world has to offer, from Dior to the high street stores to market stalls of leather lane, as long as I love it I will go out and buy it. For those of you have been following me for some time now have seen this follow through on my instagram feed. I truly have got a platform now to unleash the little fashion diva inside me which has sat inside me for so long reach to blossom and I think instagram has truly given me that

chance to show the world this undying passion of mine.

Here are few of my favorite recent outfits, and something I always set as my reminder is that I never go with what’s on trend, rather what is going to make look and feel good.

Let me know what you think and the best places you like purchase  your clothes rail from? What are your top styling tips let su know we would love to hear from you dolls

With Love Always




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