Halloween Special

Halloween at Sarah Artistry

Halloween is here, Boo!! This is the season for spooky Halloween makeup looks and Sarah Artistry would love to give you some ideas on what to create for Halloween 2018 with using our Artistry London influence

Halloween is one of the most exciting times for makeup artists, it gives us all the chance to go wild and crazy with scary looks, to vampires to clowns and skeletons, makeup can be used so creatively for Halloween by completely changing the appearance of someone’s face and making them look terrifying.

Here are some trending Halloween ideas in 2018

Image result for Skeleton face/neck makeup
Via www.gurl.com

Skeleton face/neck- This is a very popular trend at the moment, the skeleton look! It’s very in debt but also simple at the time! You would need to include a lot of white face paint and black liner.

Half Skeleton, half Glam/- We have seen thousands of people create this look; it’s one of our favourites at Sarah Artistry, because it’s half scary, half normal and it’s very creative.

The Dead Doll – This look is also very known and popular in 2018, it gives us that glamorous stylish look, not too scary and not too complicated. It involves a lot of shading and definition to the eyes and cheekbones/nose, giving that half decomposed look to the face, but also involving colour to make it look like.

Image result for Half pumpkin/ half Glam
Via Pinterest

Half pumpkin/ half Glam- This Halloween look is very creative, because pumpkins are such a big part of Halloween, it’s used to celebrate the October season, and with this look, you can make it half scary and half glamorous, it’s the perfect Halloween look for 2018


We also had the amazing chance to have a MAC Cosmetics Class with the lovely @ladylauramac in Carnaby Street a private class hosted espacily for our Students from our Makeup beauty School London, Which we themed around Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs, Sarah made the most gorgeous Snow white Laura being the amazing artist she is used simple MAC products to really make this pop! Details to follow in the next few posts



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