About Us

Welcome to Sarah Artistry Ltd, an esteemed Academic Aesthetic Institute of Learning, renowned for its provision of world-class, government-regulated qualifications in the aesthetic beauty sector. We extend a heartfelt welcome to all aspiring individuals, committed to guiding each student towards the realization of their full potential and the attainment of their aspirations.
At Sarah Artistry, we boast a dedicated team of experts who possess unparalleled knowledge and credentials within the sector. Our mission is to facilitate your journey towards a successful career through our comprehensive range of qualifications, spanning from Level 1 to Level 7, inclusive of postgraduate certifications. As a global qualification provider, we have established our presence in prominent cities such as London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Madrid.
We take pride in having educated some of the most renowned skin houses worldwide, including Loreal S.A, the Ester Lauder Group of Companies, Murad, and 111 Skin Harley Street, among others. Our collaborations extend to esteemed professionals such as Hollywood’s iconic dermatologist, Dr. Simon Orion, and numerous global skin care houses.
As a private institute of learning, we offer our learners the flexibility they require in terms of study schedules and payment plans, with interest-free options available. Each student’s learning journey is meticulously tailored to their individual merits, allowing them to acquire indispensable industry knowledge and practical skills essential for thriving within the beauty or aesthetic sector.
Founder Sarah has consistently endeavored to challenge stereotypes surrounding the beauty and aesthetic industry. Her influential presence within the sector has enabled individuals of all genders and backgrounds to pursue their dreams. Recognized for her contributions, Sarah has garnered accolades from esteemed organizations such as Cosmopolitan World and has been honored as Businesswoman of the Year. Furthermore, she holds esteemed commendations from the UK’s educational authorities, alongside prestigious titles such as Educator of the Year and Aesthetic Provider of the Year.
Having collaborated with prominent brands and personalities including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Artistry has solidified its position as a leader in the field. Sarah’s recent achievement of the title of Aesthetic Clinical Dermatologist underscores her commitment to excellence. Through our partnerships with leading international brands, we continue to pave the way forward in the realm of aesthetic education and practice.
Join us at Sarah Artistry Ltd, where professionalism, expertise, and innovation converge to shape the future leaders of the beauty and aesthetic industry.