Oh So Precious

Oh So Precious

Huda Beauty is seriously killing us with all these ammmmmmmmmmmazing releases, we still haven’t got over the Easy Bake and she’s now hit us with the The Precious Stones (Mini Palette) Now being Makeup Beauty School London we love staying up to date with all the latest makeup releases & brands. 

So let’s take a closer look at these because we seriously can not wait for them to land in Selfridges & Cult beauty for us to buy.

Huda Kattan knows how to please her fans and give them what they want, I guess because she herself is a huge makeup fan herself. Swatches of Huda Beauty’s new Precious Stones Obsessions eye shadow palettes have landed all over social media and her own blog. The huda posted all five palettes on her social media sites as well as swatched on three different skin tones just a few days ago. If you were a fan of the original Obsessions palettes, you won’t be disappointed with these, they look bomb.com and we are just dreaming of all the Artistry London looks we can create in our Makeup beauty School.

Have a look at how vivid and lush they look:
Purple eye shadow is gaining most of popularity lately maybe as Pantone was the colour of the year for 2018. Huda herself created a stunning using the bluetones which looked absolutely fabulous and you’ll have a good source of inspiration to look to first when these 5 bad boys palettes will launch on Huda Beauty’s website and at the brand’s global retailers on September 21 2018! 7 Days to go we can not wait.

This post originally appeared September 5, 2018:
This month, she will be releasing an extension of her popular Mini Obsessions eye palette

range. We already have the Smokey, Mauve, Warm Brown, Gemstone and Coral Obsessions which were released earlier this year. Huda Beauty is launching a new themed Obsessions sub-range with five new palettes to choose from.

“Since you guys loved our first collection of Obsessions palettes so much, we decided to extend the range with a super luxurious new collection featuring five new shade ranges inspired by precious stones,” Kattan writes on the Huda Beauty blog. The five new palettes — Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, and Amethyst — are each inspired by a gemstone of the same name.
Each palette comes with nine shadows themed around the colour tone in the gemstone family, with a mix of duochrome, matte and shimmer shades. the Amethyst Obsessions palette is a mix of purples, lilacs and pink shades, from soft shimmer baby pink to a deep duochrome magenta. “I honestly love the shades in each of these so much – they are perfect for getting a super dramatic look but also great for adding a little bit of colour to your eyes. Bright, rich-coloured eyeshadows are so hot right now and I can’t wait to see people playing around with different looks,” Huda explains in a statement.

Huda gives the main inspiration for each shade range on her own blog. “I feel like green is such an underappreciated shade,” she says of the Emerald Obsessions palette. For Amethyst, she likes to “layer the softer pink hues for daytime, while the deeper purple and violet colors are perfect for evening.” Ruby Obsessions, she says, is “super opulent.” Sapphire is perfect for “creating bold new looks.” For Topaz, she even shares a bit of history: “In ancient Egypt, the stone was a symbol of the Sun God, and this fusion of gold, rich browns, and amber shades is perfect for creating your very own goddess vibe.” Clearly, each palette has its own unique flavor…which is what makes it hard to choose just one. At $27 each, which is around GBP25.00 we have a feeling most Huda fans will snap up at least 2-3 each from the collection – I know we will be, with Christmas coming around soon I think these will be very successful

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