Message from Sarah

SA_ blogger packs“Many things can be lost in life, however an education remains with you for a lifetime”

Sarah Artistry

My vision has always been to create opportunities for individuals by offering world-class qualifications with a bespoke learning and study plan, allowing you to learn and earn at your own convenience.

We are proud to be able to provide global qualifications tailored to the individual learner’s requirements. We have been fortunate to educate some of the most renowned employers in the beauty, makeup and aesthetic industry. We welcome and encourage diversity, whether you are a beginner or a fully pledged business owner.

Coming from a legal background, my vision has always been to break the stigma against the beauty sector by empowering women with the correct training and accreditation from an official government body.
It is my aspiration to provide students with creative talents, skills and knowledge they require to thrive in the industry.

At Sarah Artistry we offer some of the most extensive qualifications within the ever-growing world of beauty.

I look forward to welcoming you at the Sarah Artistry Academy helping you to pave the way to your bright future.

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