Whats Cooking with Huda Beauty

Whats Cooking with Huda Beauty

Here at Sarah Artistry we always love experimenting with new products and our latest obsession is the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose powder

We seem to just fall in love with everything Huda Beauty from there impressive 30 shade foundations to the Lip Contour, but this powder has just set the bar even higher.

So what does it do and why is it so good! Here’s the Tea, enjoy sipping 😉

Huda’s new Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose powder is the beauty worlds’ most recent obsession and rightfully so.

The HB Easy Bake powder is a loose translucent setting powder used for ‘baking’ this is a term given for setting the under eye, contours forehead and over areas which the skin tends to crease or move. We have found it is so finely milled without creating dryness, and gives such a smooth and flawless appearance.

With 8 different shades it allows for everyone to indulge in this high quality product. Due to Huda’s collection being one of the few brands offering such a wide array of shades for a setting powder, this contributes to one of the many reasons we love this product for both our clients and ourselves at our VTCT Centre Academy London. Be sure to check out the Huda Beauty blog for the ultimate matching guide to find the best match for your skin.

Unlike many setting powders on the market we do not find it accentuate fine lines or dry patches which is why we love it so much and for £28.00 ($34.00USD) it is well worth the money. We didn’t expect to be blown away as much as we were, we have trialled some of the best setting powders out there and we are happy to say that this is by far the best we have tried.

Sugar Cookie (White – Complete translucent)

Cupcake (Pale pink tone)

Pound Cake (peachy/beige tone)

Banana Bread (Beige tone)

Blondie (Yellow/Ginger tone)

Kunfa (Carmel tone)

Cinnamon (Light terracota tone)

Coffee Cake (Red Brick tone)



We did not expect to be blown away as much as we where, there some amazing setting powders on the market to compare too, it is so finely milled without creating dryness, its gives such a smooth appearance and very easy to flutter away with our Sarah Artistry brushes. So soft to apply with super power to stay all day we can not help to get a little carried away at our Beauty Academy whilst teaching students to Set, Bake & Contour with this powder.

Easily available in store and online as follows

Online : Cult Beauty Feel Unique Sephora

In Store ; Harrods Selfridges



Do we love it, Yes! We hope you enjoyed this read, let us know your favourite setting powders comment below

With Love



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