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Qualification outline – The VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Award in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques is a specialized qualification tailored for individuals aged 18 and above who aim to advance their skills in microblading. This comprehensive program equips learners with the expertise needed to conduct thorough client consultations, customize treatment plans, and proficiently apply microblading techniques to achieve desired outcomes. Emphasis is placed on delivering high-quality results while ensuring client satisfaction and safety through meticulous aftercare. Graduates of this qualification may choose to pursue further education in related areas, such as micropigmentation for camouflage and restoration or scalp micropigmentation, providing ample opportunities for career growth and specialization within the beauty aesthetic industry.

Course duration – fast track options are available. The course duration can vary from 3 month to 6 months T&C’S apply depending upon prerequisites.

Price – £4500 + VAT ( Next to this could I have one off payment box which displays that there is a special offer of £2500 and in the box beside it I would like option of 10 months interest free finance by provider – easy payment with deposit )

Qualification structure –

  •   External Exams
  •   External practical examinations
  •   Coursework (Harvard Referencing)
  •   Case studies
  •   Portfolio

Unit titles –

  •       Enhance appearance using microblading techniques

Future career prospects –

  • Career Advancement: Graduates of the VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Award in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques can explore various career opportunities within the beauty and aesthetics industry. They may seek employment in beauty salons, spas, or specialized microblading studios, where they can apply their skills to offer eyebrow enhancement services to clients.
  • Entrepreneurship: Individuals with this qualification may choose to start their own microblading business, either as a solo practitioner or by establishing a microblading studio. Entrepreneurial endeavors allow for creative freedom, flexible working hours, and the potential for significant financial returns.
  • Specialization: As microblading continues to gain popularity, there is a growing demand for skilled practitioners who can deliver high-quality results. Graduates may choose to further specialize in specific areas of microblading, such as advanced techniques, specialized effects, or catering to particular client demographics.
  • Continued Education: Some individuals may opt to pursue further education and training in related fields, such as advanced micropigmentation techniques, permanent makeup application, or cosmetic tattooing. Additional qualifications can expand career opportunities and enhance expertise in the beauty aesthetic industry.

Industry Recognition: Holding the VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Award in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques demonstrates a high level of proficiency and professionalism in microblading. This qualification can enhance credibility and marketability, leading to increased demand for services and potential collaborations with reputable brands or influencerLevel 4