Brushes Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Most people say it’s not the tools, it’s the craftsman…….well I don’t think that actually applies to make up artists or make up application in general. Good-quality brushes will make budget products go on like silk and allow drugstore products to pass for Chanel or Givenchy. They’re like your best friends, the ones you can’t live without, once you find your perfect ones, you could never be without them – until they discontinue them and your life’s over but you’ll eventually find a replacement (it’s still never the same thou!). Anyhowwww whether you choose real hair or synthetic brushes neither which actually make a difference and people who tell you they do are probably getting paid to tell you so! Having the right brushes help you to achieve that perfect flawless look which we all aim so hard for. I am currently using a mixture of real hair brushes – NARS & Sarah Artistry and synthetic brushes Sigma, Real-techniques, Illamasqua & Coastal scents, personally I prefer natural haired brushes as they are ultra soft and carry less bacteria, however I do currently have a mixture in my kit.

Kit/Make bag essential brushes would be foundation, powder, blusher, eye shadows – fluff for blending & flat tapered for the lid, liner, slanted brow, flat concealer & especially if you’re a makeup artist lip brush, I don’t really like using beauty blenders as sponges harbour lots and lots of bacteria particularly when made wet, this often causes spots and breakouts, if you do like the sponge finish then use disposables – you can get pointed sponge applicators (I know boots and Superdrug sell these). Brush hygiene is very important, I clean mine every time after application with warm water and Asda little angels baby shampoo – do not condition, whatever you read or view about doing this – you’ll over-soften the bristles, losing precision and also for natural haired brushes a lot of the hairs. Before your brushes are dry reshape before lying flat on a clean & sterile towel to naturally dry. It is so important to keep good hygiene with beauty products but that’s a whole other blog for another time 🙂

Most of those small brushes or sponge applicators that come with make-up they are absolutely useless and often you waste a lot of product in application most of it ending up on the rest of you!! Shop for separate makeup tools or special kits such my Sarah Artistry brush belt (from Sarah Artistry) When I first started using these brushes I instantly found blending & application became so much easier, each stroke gilded so softly but very so precisely onto the skin, I also found you need less product then what I was using before with my Coastal Scents brushes, Clients instantly started commenting & complementing on how soft the brushes were against the skin and much faster application was becoming.

You can also buy from several different brands that specialise in brushes but be prepared to invest, tools are not cheap but don’t be fooled by overpriced brushes either, Budget brushes are rarely properly weighted, giving you less control and the bristles are often flat-edged rather than domed, making blending impossible, there is only 1 exception I can think of that that is Crown Brushes, there brushes are amazing as well as having a brush range for every budget.

Research, go out there and play, round it’s fun but you get to find out which brushes are best for you – never rely on someone’s else’s opinion, what’s best for them is not always what is best for you. Here is a few of my fav’s in my kit at the moment

Brushes BlogSarah Artistry 10 pcs brush set – GBP250.00  This collection of brushes are amazing each brush is carefully made and designed down to a T, the brushes themselves are ultra soft and perfectly designed for precision helping to create a flawless finish. I seriously cannot say enough about these brushes words do not do them justice. The best thing about this incredible set is it comes with a gorgeous leather belt which comes in extra handy when you’re working as artist, as well as been used by Makeup By Mario for Kim Kardashian in there Master Classes and blogged by the one and only Huda Kattan of Huda beauty as her favourite brush brand. As a special offer to all of my readers, Sarah Artistry is offering the full set for GBP150.00, please contact Sarah Artistry for more information Email:

NARS ITA Brush – GBP 43.00 This brush is amazing for contouring, its handle is made of rubber for keeping grip isn’t going to be a problem for chiseling out those cheekbones & jaw-line, the brush is light and so soft, the rectangle head allows absolute precision that it’s impossible to make a mistake with this brush, giving you beautiful defined cheeks and jawline. It does come with a hefty price tag but trust me girls this one’s an investment

Illamasqua Highlighter Brush – GBP26.00 ITS SOOOOOO FLUFFFFFFY I adore this brush, It’s incredibly soft and it is perfect for precisely placing highlight, buffing in foundation and blending it all in together, the brush head it self is quite small so some of you may prefer his sister Illamasqua Blush Brush. You must be careful washing this brush as it shreds very easily – be gentle with this bad boy.

Well we hope you enjoyed this little read and until next time Brush away beauties and remember brushes are your best friends – treat them well and they give you great results and support you all the way.

With Love & Kisses

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