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To LVL or Not LVL – That is the question?

SarahArtistry-Blog WHASA- What's Hot At Sarah Artistry July 23, 2018 19 Comments

Summers 2018 hottest trend is the new LVL Lash lift which we have seen take social media by storm. What is the LVL lash lift and is it worth all the hype? Let’s start off with what lash lifting actually is, LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift, the idea is actually quite simple but yet so effective, a trained beauty therapist uses…

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It’s All In The Face

DIY-Beauty SarahArtistry-Blog Tutorials WHASA- What's Hot At Sarah Artistry May 31, 2018 26 Comments

Beauty is more than a pretty face full of makeup, Beauty begins with being happy in your own skin, which only means a happier you. We believe you deserve beautiful skin everyday which is why we are sharing the biggest skin treatment post with you beautiful dolls. The latest craze and skin treatment which has taken the world by storm…

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